Oprah, Weight Watchers and Bread

Has anyone seen those Weight Watcher Commercials featuring Oprah saying how much she likes bread and how she’s eaten it every day? Well she must not be on psych meds.

wouldn’t it be interesting to not have side effects like constant hunger?


Well,  Oprah Winfrey bought a stake in Weight Watchers and her stake ensures her position on the board of directors.


I did weight watchers a few times. I’ll go over that later.

I also did OA, and another couple of diets professed to be anti inflammatory for both my psoriasis and low back pain.

Not sure if works. Ever since I started with antipsychotics, I had major binge/weight overexercise issues.


Lately I’ve gone back to my old ways. I eat bread and it only makes me hungrier!

Hey, this is the day!


#bipolar strong

5 thoughts on “Oprah, Weight Watchers and Bread

  1. I have seen that commercial and I have to say it pissed me off to no end. It was as if suddenly, because OPRAH says she loves to eat bread, that that finally makes it ok for ALL of us to eat bread. I mean seriously WTF. I had anorexia and bulimia (at different times, in varying degrees) for over twenty years. I have finally reached a good place of recovery, but those ED thoughts are pretty much always in the back of my mind. And then being diagnosed with BP and going on psych meds for several years well…that created a problem on top of several others. And then for Oprah to swoop down from her mighty loft and basically ALLOW us to eat bread?? I have to say to her – F U.

    Great blog btw Allison, I’ve followed you here since I started my own wordpress blog, and then on BpHope where I am a new writer too. Here’s to the Tribe sticking together!


    • I have food relapsed with bread again and I’m in trouble, going without bread causing withdrawal symptoms. It’s terrible. Congrats on being accepted at bphope.com, it’s a talented group of people. They have high standards and I have to work really hard on stories cultivated over a period of time to make them ‘just right,’ as they don’t do a great deal of editing. Good Job and when does your first story post?


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