Has anyone heard of that other Kurt Cobain Documentary




Is there a documentary besides “Montage of Heck?”


At my pain doctor’s place there is this really nice lady who does my blood pressure. She’s really young so I was surprised to hear she liked Nirvana. She Said there is an alternate documentary that theorized that Courtney Love, who is still alive and well, killed her husband, not that he committed suicide. Has anyone ever heard of it?


I’m gonna go looking

5 thoughts on “Has anyone heard of that other Kurt Cobain Documentary

  1. There’s a ton of Kurt Cobain docs, but the one I think you’re talking about is called “Soaked in Bleach.” Its accuracy is really questionable and it has a fair amount of factual bias. Basically the private investigator Courtney Love hired to look for Kurt after he broke out of the rehab center he was staying at in winter/spring of 1994 suggests that Courtney didn’t really seem all that interested in finding him and talks about some circumstantial evidence that made his death “suspicious.”

    It’s filmed like one of those Investigation Discovery shows with lots of “dramatic re-enactments” of events that may or may not have transpired.


      • Yeah, there are a bunch of different docs, but I haven’t watched any in years. Every time I’ve seen anyone post anything about either Kurt or Courtney on Facebook, there have been people who have to jump in and call her a murderer. I can’t say that I’m convinced. As for her reactions (which some people bring up), from what I saw on TV at the time of Kurt’s death, I didn’t think anything seemed weird about how she acted. And everyone responds to tragedy differently, so I dislike the way some people think everyone has to act a certain way after losing a loved one. I don’t even like her, but I’d need a bit more evidence than I’v seen to call her a murderer. =/


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