American Crime Story: People Vs OJ



I could not believe how good this show is. Sarah Paulson from uberproducer’s other shows, “American Horror,” as Jessica Lange’s daughter in the witch coven…for example, she makes a terrific Marsha Clark; so driven, so aggressive and so WHITE, she lost the case for them. For all of her bluster, her constantly changing hair styles and wardrobe showed us how deeply she cared about our opinion of her. And I’ve learned over the years that isn’t a real good thing to do. But I’d set this up to record…it makes great entertainment and shows how this spectable of ‘if it doesn’t fit, acquit’ put the Kardashian kids, their mother Chris Jenner and the deeply the late Mr Kardashian, a confidante of ‘the juice’ cared for his troubled friend accussed of double homicide…in tony Brentwood, no less!cubagooding

3 thoughts on “American Crime Story: People Vs OJ

    • Sarah Paulson, I just read a New York Times “Style” Section about her and her girlfriend, a writer who is about twenty five years older. I never thought of her this way but she learned early on she wasn’t a ‘leading lady’ but a character actress. Seems odd, in someone that beautiful.

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