On Charlie Sheen, Dr Oz and How ‘Hopeful’ it all is…can you keep it down a tad?

Bipolarbrainiac says:

21/01/2016 at 18:15 I hate it when they try to candy coat it. Yeah, partly because if Sheen starts meds, he’s already in middle age, he may not spend as many years battling side effects as we do. I have Tardive Dyskineisa (see my videos on IBPF’s Youtube page under Tardive Dyskinesia or my IBPF blog “Move over, Movement Disorder) I have a weight independent metabolic progression of high blood glucose from Clozaril, which I take for Tardive Dyskinesia and also it’s the only second generation antipsychotic that doesn’t make me thrash, as tardive is directly linked to atypical and traditional antipsychotics from Geodon and Abilify to Haldol and Thorazine. I’ve struggled with my weight. My antidepressant makes me nauseated and it’s hard to hold it down. But it’;s the only one that works. So I hang out with a freshly lined trashcan at the ready. It’s projectile vomiting. I found out that eating a high fat dinner enables me to metabolize and hold down a ¼ size of the tablet, so I separate it from all my other meds, take it right after dinner and then two hours later, if I have not thrown up, I take my other regular night meds. Ohhhh, the lenghths we’ll go to in order not to be depressed or manic.

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