Alex Berenson’s New Book, The Wolves




Even though I scour local and national news and write a ton of blogs for publications, I read fiction, well crafted fiction. I like counter terrorism and Cold War stuff, like that series “The Americans,” on FX (returning for a final season in Mid March) and I especially like Alex Berenson. He’s been a reporter for the New York Times but now has a counterrorism operative ( a black ops ‘clean up’ type’), named Wells. Wells is of Lebanese descent, is a muslim and fought against the Russians in Soviet occupied Afghanistan, passing for one of them. And he speaks Arabic and Pashto, so he’s really a cool dude, in my book. These books always teach me a lot. Right now the latest in his series is waiting for me at the library. If a book is nowhere to be found I will purchase it but I’m in donut hole, have medical debt and am trying to cut back in every area of my life. Medicine, even when I’m past the donut hole, is so expensive. Books like this make me forget my tenuous hold on a high quality life. I urge you, with Berenson and his books, Dig in. I know I will. Berenson

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