I hit The Cooking Recipe Jackpot in Diabetic Living

Big smile, shorthairclip


The Word ‘Diabetes’ is even worse than ‘Tardive Dyskinesia.” It’s clinical, cold and calculating. It’ll getcha! However, because of my atypical antipsychotic ( twice as sedating and weight gaining than the others in its’ class), I have elevated blood sugar levels and was worried for a while because the docs wouldn’t tell me exactly what they were. So I thought it was worse than it is.

I’ve been studying and changing things in my life. I’m using self as study subject, which is problematic in and of itself.

For a long while I cooked to relieve stress. Then I ran out of enthusiasm for the 1000 or so recipes I’d clipped out of the newspapers over the years and stopped. Actually, I’d rather write than cook but that probably is all of us.

I was reading ‘Diabetic Living’ and learned a ton of stuff. First, there are more diabetes drugs than I can count on four hands. So those magazines are not ever going to be an endangered species. The one I got ahold of have at least six colorful, imaginative but not too complicated recipes and as I worked out, I ripped the pages out and stuck ’em in my Walkman.

I was glad I’d read the magazine. I totally hit the jackpot for simple, sumptuous recipes that day. Now all I have to do is clip them smaller and tape them to index cards and make two copies of each to account for spills, wear and tear, not to mention misplacement.

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