The Metabolic Researcher Wrote Me Back!

allison happy

The Rebel’s Rant:

Every day I get up and out of bed wondering what I can do to improve my lot in life as it relates to my health and side effects from the meds. I make more noise than most people because I got saddled with Tardive Dyskinesia AND metabolic changes. People discriminate against me and think ‘she’s trouble’ because of it. People that used to let me volunteer, go up to the psych unit and lead meetings with the highest security clearance now they won’t let me sweep the floor. The NAMI people say they need someone to help them with their newsletter but my phone calls to them go unreturned. It bites. It’s sad.  What if….everyone that was prescribed an atypical got some sort of movement disorder and got discriminated against..that would be a lot of stigma. Of course that won’t happen. Thankfully they are prescribing much lower doses these days. But I digress. On the subject of metabolism,

I reached  out to the author of a long, specific, informative study about ‘possible future treatments for…..metabolic syndrome related to___________you know. Anyway. the point is that she wrote me back; including links to 40 pages of research on the exact same topic. Now what I have to do is read them. Interpret them. Simplify and implement the ideas in my own journey to metabolic healing. And go from there.

3 thoughts on “The Metabolic Researcher Wrote Me Back!

    • hi. I haven’t seen you before! I have a private fb group in nascent stage called ‘our cycles unite us’ it’s easier to find it that way. What tag do you think brought me to your reader? I am new to wordpress and still trying to wrap my head around certain aspects of social media.


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