How to get Blog Followers…it works in reverse!!!

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I found out a really interesting thing. I was watching this WordPress blog go nowhere. I did really well on Tumblr except for attracting every escort service and eating disordered, self harm pretty young thing on the planet. Wanted to hook up with other writers, not instragrammers, no offense. But then when my friend Dyane was profiled AGAIN in The Huffington Post and I promoted the piece about her, as I admire her and can’t wait for her book,”Birth of A New Brain” to come out about post partum and peripartum onset bipolar disorder (not post partum depression) I got so many new followers by promoting her!


The same thing happened when I promoted Tessa, a wonderful friend I’ve made in social media lately. We are both writers and we have an exchange of skills and spirituality and so forth going on. I still can’t find her devotional site, as she doesn’t just parrot other people’s, she writes her own. She’s an incredibly brave woman who like me has all the fun side effects and other bipolar related co-occurings that just keep piling up year after year. But the main point is, if you want more followers, promote the ones you already have!!!

I want to Take DBT


I’m trying, goddamit!


I started blogging with Tumblr. I got hundreds of follows right off the bat. Many in the eating disorder community. Then I switched to WordPress without knowing anything. Somehow this led to me researching and writing a story on something I used to be cynical about (who, me, cynical? No, tell me it’s not true! hahah) The DBT class is held at the outpatient facility of the public hospital in this area. It’s called “Rebel’s Drop In” and is part of the reason why my blog has that theme.

Anyway, there is a long running personality problem with the gal that runs it. I wrote a flattering article about her place and she said stuff that I wrote down. My deadline loomed and when she was on vacation I emailed her two versions. She used her Mindfulness as a weapon and attacked me for bombarding her with emails. Hurt, I stopped asking her for information or offering her final editoral approval. (Sean Penn had given Chapo final editorial approval and apparently it’s a no no) Anyway after she attacked me for sending multiple versions to her for her approval I just backed off. I took her name out of the story as well as the center, the donor’s name and the hospital system if’s affiliated with. When I saw her later she said she was really unhappy with the whole experience and it was the most bizarre that she’d ever had. She still won’t speak to me and she’s the project director as well as one of the DBT therapists.

The only thing between me and DBT is money and this woman.


I want to take it. Does anyone know what the copay?


I did a research story on it for NewLifeOutlook Bipolar read the original book CBT by Linehan and think it could help me with certain faulty thoughts and fear/guilt driven behavior that results in misplaced priorities, loads of stress, Etc.

On Charlie Sheen, Dr Oz and How ‘Hopeful’ it all is…can you keep it down a tad?

Bipolarbrainiac says:

21/01/2016 at 18:15 I hate it when they try to candy coat it. Yeah, partly because if Sheen starts meds, he’s already in middle age, he may not spend as many years battling side effects as we do. I have Tardive Dyskineisa (see my videos on IBPF’s Youtube page under Tardive Dyskinesia or my IBPF blog “Move over, Movement Disorder) I have a weight independent metabolic progression of high blood glucose from Clozaril, which I take for Tardive Dyskinesia and also it’s the only second generation antipsychotic that doesn’t make me thrash, as tardive is directly linked to atypical and traditional antipsychotics from Geodon and Abilify to Haldol and Thorazine. I’ve struggled with my weight. My antidepressant makes me nauseated and it’s hard to hold it down. But it’;s the only one that works. So I hang out with a freshly lined trashcan at the ready. It’s projectile vomiting. I found out that eating a high fat dinner enables me to metabolize and hold down a ¼ size of the tablet, so I separate it from all my other meds, take it right after dinner and then two hours later, if I have not thrown up, I take my other regular night meds. Ohhhh, the lenghths we’ll go to in order not to be depressed or manic.

My Image, Shot by Vera Anderson of LA

On talent and long term spousal abuse….

You may have noticed that I changed my image from the James Dean wannabe in the wifebeater t-shirt, complete with scowl. Back then I was in mixed mood psychosis and got the photos taken by a German photographer who understood light and shadow. Sort of a Marlene Dietrich or Greta Garbo ‘personae’ thing. I didn’t want to part with it and I took a poll and numbers were split. I don’t want people to think I’m the type of rebel who is ‘anti-everything.’ I stand for as much or more than I stand against. I’m not angry at the world. I fight for my health. so I chose a picture I’m fond of at the request of two ladies who know me well. I’m smiling.

It was taken by a woman who photographed me here and there my entire acting career, a brilliant, talented gal named Vera Anderson.


She was married to a guy who had untreated, or self medicated bipolar disorder. For anyone over 40, do you remember the very early days of Cable, the ‘Z’ channel, similar to what “Sundance” is now?

Vera’s  husband, ahead of his time, pioneered it.


His role models were Jack Nicolson, Roman Polanski, Sam Peckinpah, Martin Scorcese.

He would have LOVED Quentin Tarantino.

Bipolar/substance abusing, refusing his meds, he beat her and she left him. He stalked her relentlessly and the day before his marriage to another woman, he begged her to come back. She said no and he shot himself in the head. “That’lll show you.” He was an ass.

After his death she went on to write a book called “A Woman Like You,” about all the women who endure long spousal term abuse, finally snap and kill their husbands only to serve life in prison;  no one factoring in the effects of PTSD or whatever you wanna call it.

It didn’t seem fair to her. She’d been down that road and bought the T-shirt.

The proceeds from the book went to charity. She had always wanted to direct film and she did one really good film that won an award at AFI (American film institute) but never got picked up by a distributor called “The Dogwalker.”It was a little film about the redeeming aspects of having to care for a little dog. You’d have loved it. Every time Vera took my picture I looked like myself, but better. She was the only photographer that ever ‘got me.’ If I write my book and it gets picked up, I’ll look for her yet again to see if she’ll snap me up.

Live To Tell on “The History Channel”

Peter Berg


Peter Berg, a fabulous actor “The Last Seduction”(indie film) “Chicago Hope” and “Alias”…you’ll see him here and there. He spearheaded the film and TV show “Friday Night Lights,” which heartbreakingly illustrated how integral Religion and High School
Football are to small town Texas.

One of his early movies was “terrible things,” a dark comedy about a Las Vegas Bachelor Party gone horribly wrong. So funny.

Now he has a series on Navy Seals called “Live To Tell.”

There are the guys who go in and do our dirty work, sometimes with complete deniability, similarly to those pressed into service during the Bengazi siege. They were there supposedly as drivers for the Ambassador, who was a real idealist, who believed in American involvement to right the careening ship of Libyan rule after the toppling of a 42-year reign of terror w/Quaddafi. (sp…can’t spell worth shit)

But this is not about Libya. It’s about Peter Berg and his new series. You have to see it to believe it.

The story on the concentration of power in the hands of a few and unlimited pricing power is scary

The following is a fax I just wrote to my pharmacist, an indie who is really up on this stuff. He is the one who had my back; covering the inflated cost of my 62-year-old Benzo for Tardive Dyskinesia two months in a row thinking Medicare Part D would reimburse him. He took the loss two months in a row on my behalf. He’s got my back. do I have his????? This is what I ask myself and I urge you all…..skip the chains. Indies are where it’s at for cost and service. They get to know you and catch drug drug interactions and side effects your doctor might be too busy to catch. It’s their business and they are damned good at it.



Dear Ade,

Good Morning, The stories about monopolies and prescription drugs just keep getting worse.

I read this transcript of a testimony given for senate oversight committee of government reform re: prescription drugs. The guy’s name was Mark Merritt, claiming to head up the league of pharmacy benefit managers. He claims they leverage lower prices on prescriptions, bla, bla bla.

Then I read a New York Times article by a Yale University Endocrinologist who says that one of the three biggest PBM’s Actually IS CVS! Even tho insulin has been around forever, only three big companies control the market and have managed to keep tweaking their meds to extend patent protection all these decades. Her patient can’t afford the price of insulin once she hits the donut hole and can’t afford her medicine for the rest of the year because it’s too expensive and she doesn’t qualify for RX assistance or Medicaid. This is the situation I find myself in but I have more cash on hand than most.

Isn’t that a Conflict of Interest? She claims once her client hits the donut hole she can’t pay for her medicines and what’s worse, only three people …Lantus, Sanovi and Norvo Nordisc, make injectable insulin, a biologic, which has been extended patent protection for 12 years, not 7, and controls the insulin market until a biosimilar shows up. Every time I think I have the story figured out….it gets worse!!! Now I’m thinking of submitting a story to the Sun Sentinel. What have I got to lose? At least they are not compromised.


OK..More importantly,

I’m coming going out your way tomorrow to see the dentist so I have an RX list of stuff that’s close or due. I’m out of donut hole so I’m an aggressive consumer again, saving my extras for the months I can’t afford anything.

Here is the list: Valium, Metformin, Linzess, Lipitor. I’ll drop off the scripts. I see psychiatrist this week so anything we need I will find out from you.


Allison Strong

Shaking, rattling and Rolling Executives at FDA’s Orphan Development Dept re Generics gone sky hi!

Filenes basement is the best!!!! Check out this bright yellow dress for a happiness 'charge'!
Filenes basement is the best!!!! Check out this bright yellow dress for a happiness ‘charge’!




Dear Dr. Conte,

(Head of FDA’s Orphan Drug Development Department)


I’ve been trying to reach you and am getting tired of my envelopes being returned with a handwritten ‘not us’ on them. Obviously you are somewhere at the FDA as the head of ‘Orphan Drug Development Department.’ So I’m trying again and am not likely to go away.

Recently my Tardive Dyskinesia medicine went up from 2.65 a month to 300.00. Naturally it was dropped by my part D formulary, who gave me no advance notice. I found out at the pharmacy, out of medication for this horrible condition and out of the new cash price.

I’m pretty sure it was reclassified ‘Orphan.’ I watched your video on your role in Orphan Drug Development, and was puzzled you only mentioned ‘new’ drugs, which we know from Valeant and Turing’s antics, is not so. Older drugs are being given this status.

I’m a writer for the Huffington Post ‘Stronger Together,” “The Arizona Republic” “Bipolar Magazine” and other publications concerned with this issue.

I tried to find out if consumers could view a list of pending applications for ‘Orphan’ status and came across document “Title 21” section 316.50 which said that The FDA does not make that information public. If consumers were able to follow market conditions affecting their medication as well as how many manufacturers there are along with mergers and acquisitions, this would be closer to a level playing field for the consumers.

I’m not out to skewer you or make you look inept, I just want to know if you are considering making certain helpful info available to the public so we aren’t the last to know about factors that greatly influence our health. If we knew in advance, for example, we could apply for Drug Company Assistance!

Please call me at 954-922-4310 or have one of your staff do the same. I’d love to get a quote on record and Maryland is very far from Florida. But I would be willing to make the trip just to ask you a few questions.

I’m only trying to calm consumers who currently are rather alarmed at the FDA ‘Orphan Drug Development’s’ lack of transparency.




Allison Strong

Hollywood Florida


The lengths we’ll go in order to feel good



Lately I’ve been taking an antidepressant I regard as a miracle drug. They don’t know exactly how it works but it works on some four different neurtransmitters as compared to Wellbutrin’s dopamine and Prozac or Zoloft’s Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitor. Those just work on one. This medicine has a side effect of violent nausea, and I’m not the only one. It’s listed as the third most common side effect.

There was a period of two weeks where I could not keep it down. This is three weeks ago. Mike had a trashcan next to the couch where I was laying while I tried every which way to keep this medicine in my system to retain my fine mood. I went through bipolar depression relapse in April-Mid July of this year and though I’ve gotten past ‘worrying’ about its’ inevitable return, I don’t want it to. This antidepressant is a huge boon. Nothing works quite as well. We’ve tried. In fact, it works so well I only need to take it twice a week. Why should I take more?

I ground it up and put it in my protein drink and attempted to work out at the Y. Bad idea. I ate full, balanced meals and still…..I was sick. I dropped 12 lbs in ten days by pure happenstance. When people tell me that certain drugs make them nauseated I don’t even want to hear it. I am desperate to claim the therapeutic benefits of this drug, Brintellix, no matter the cost. Depression is feeling like dying 24/7, or in my case, my waking hours. My whole world goes dark. I’m putting it off as long as I can. Of course it would be nice if a new antidepressant were to come along but there hasn’t been a new FDA approved medication for depression since 2013.  I think we’re due.