Trying to Advocate in the face of Discrimination

I just tried to sign up for the Mood Network and apparently I already have! Memory loss from all the mood stabilizers (3) antidepressants (2) and Tardive Meds. Recently I became aware that because I have Tardive Dyskinesia, I am discriminated against as a prospective volunteer. These are places where I volunteered for years with a high hospital security clearance and facilitated/started/nurtured support groups for people like us. I am the face of something that makes drug company sponsored foundations uncomfortable. I’m ‘trouble.’ I find this troubling. Because I have decent verbal skills and am a writer and activist, this situation is even worse. I’m trying to soften a few areas of my message, like my blog, “Rebel With A Cause” to reflect something more positive. But America Loves a Rebel. It’s good to question the status quo and research what you put in your body before you do it, I think.

I mean how many things have they been wrong on? Vioxx, Saccarine, Thalidomide, Tardive, ADHD, I could go on and on.

To quote the ‘Arnold,’ I’ll be back. Allison Strong

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