My friend Dyane (who also has a variant of bipolar disorder) is living my dream!

 This what I would have done if I’d been profiled in a publication so lofty they won’t publish my writing but they write about me!!!! That is what is happening to Dyane. Maybe they think she is ‘too good’ or ‘too serious’ for them. Or maybe they don’t want to have a moving, disturbing article in the first person on post partum onset bipolar disorder. They are just now wrapping their head around post partum depression and bipolar disorder! Have they covered Schizoaffective yet? I think NOT! By saying this of course I am blowing my chances of being published there, I’ve tried several times as well with no response. But that’s ok. Dyane is taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook, any publicity, especially free publicity, is better than a commercial or a future advertisement for her upcoming book, “Birth of a New Brain.” I’m hot on her heals with my own, watching her learn and grow.

Dyane Leshin-Harwood, founding member of the Santa Cruz DBSA chapter, has advice for new mothers managing a mental disorder and a career. Her upcoming book is “Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder.”




6 thoughts on “My friend Dyane (who also has a variant of bipolar disorder) is living my dream!

    • hi. thanks. how did you find me? Do you have similar mental health issue? Bipolar is just baffling I think. Allison Strong
      join me on my private fb group…most easily accessed by words…’our cycles unite us, bring on …it’s growing and is more private than this, I think.

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      • It’s a private Bipolar Group and you go on FB and do a search ‘Our Cycles Unite Us, bring on the noise or something. It’s easier than the Bitly link, which stopped working. Let me know if you can’t find it. We would love to have a new member. I look for support s/side effects, overmedicalization, stigma, and bipolar depression relapse. I am investigating a few matters, med related weight gain and loss, diabetes prevention related to atypical antipsychotcs and the widespread price hikes of generics under the ‘orphan’ drug act, which was written for the development of NEW drugs, not old. But it’s a legal loophole and one of my drugs went ‘orphan.’ Can no longer afford.


    • hey, totally. I know we are all busy but could you go on blog and click on my story “Miracle Bipolar Cure?” It’s the first, most recent blog. All my support seems to come from same zip code. I’d appreciate it a lot and will return favor should you ever need. Allison


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