a farsighted, generous donor 2 psych research

I hate to be morbid again but I read an incredible tale of someone furthering our cause. I say he was farsighted because in 1988, his son, a college junior at the time, was successfully treated for bipolar disorder with lithium, graduated college and had a career.

His father had watched him unravel when the New York City police found him naked, raving, and penniless in the streets. How could someone decompensate that fast?

The father’s name was Ted Stanley, who had made a fortune in tchotchkes in the 70’s. He died in Early December.

Over the course of his life, he donated more than 800 million dollars to psychiatric research, mostly to the Broad  Institute, an innovative biomedical research center in Cambridge Massachusetts.

For all we know, Stanley’s son Jonathan, may have gone through ups and downs like we do and possibly side effect fallout. It’s possible.

I’m just wondering, since his son was supposedly stabilized, what led him to want to advance our cause and fund it into the ‘modern molecular and genetic age’ as quoted by the founding director of the institute.

By now many of you know genetic testing is ‘standard of care’ at Mayo Clinics worldwide, no matter what health condition you have. If you walk in their doors and are treated, you’ll be tested for which drug, in any given class, is most compatible with your genetics and metabolism.

This heralds a new era for more precise medication and less ‘waiting and seeing’ if and when our psych meds are going to kick in.

As of now it’s estimated if a psych patient gets a first prescription for a psych med, they have a 33 1/3 chance of it being a home run.

I’ve been lucky in this regard although I have more ‘med fatigue’ than most. My antidepressants, since the Prozac that worked for a decade, usually stop working after a year and a half.

The great thing is medicine is always evolving and looking to improve. There’s too much money involved for it NOT to be.

His son, Jonathan is proud of his father’s legacy and said “My Dad got it Right,” according to the Times’ report.

3 thoughts on “a farsighted, generous donor 2 psych research

    • I’m actually considering writing an inquisitive letter the both the head of the research group to see if he can give me info on what they are trying to come up with regarding pscyh meds. These things are proprietary though and they may not want to help me. Maybe the son will speak. The researcher on metabolic,weight gain, etc from atypicals actually emailed me additional research about stuff I didn’t know. These people want to help is, blahpolar, they do. I have found that not all docs are created equal when it comes to skill, collaborative mindset, and willingness to share info with regular folks like me. Thanks for the comment, gal.

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