Is anyone else slammed w/ appts and clerical stuff?

This letter is my fourth medical endeavor for the day. I’ve had my clozaril blood test, have an injection in my back at 2:30 pm,  picked up contacts, called for a refill of one TD medicine and now am trying to get prior authorization for the other. Unable to take Cogentin like most people, I’m on combination therapy for Tardive Dyskinesia.

I’m not trying to cause a panic.

(It’s just that sometimes my complicated medical situation, though it’s not life threatening, seems more complicated than it’s worth. I’m also ashamed of it, my family seems to think the side effects are my fault or caused by me. This has led to familial isolation).

This is worsened if I’m dealing with Depression. At those points even the little things are hard to manage…things like showers. I just don’t think I’m worth the effort during those times.

As for Tardive Dyskinesia: Not to worry.

Most people with movement disorders are just fine with Cogentin or Artane. Seems I’m the exception. I’ve had bipolar disorder for a long time and am just thankful I wasn’t put on lithium long-term and only take a minute dose of clozaril, as they both can strain kidney function.

I’m about to fax this missive. All of this eats into time I’d like to spend reading, studying or writing. Can you believe this stuff???? Anyone relate?

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Dear Roxana,

I am on hold with your office right now and it’s going on the fifteenth minute oh, wait, now I’m disconnected after all that hold time.

As a person swimming in a sea of side effects from 25 years of well managed bipolar disorder, it seems these types of tasks are never ending.


The reason I called your office in the first place was to let you know that even though my biannual appointment with Dr. Moore isn’t until March, I’m only preapproved for my Tardive Dyskinesia Medicine until February and need for you to request another for me.


I hope you are having a great day. I look forward to hearing from you and will followup this fax with a phone call and hope I have better luck with your phone operators.

2 thoughts on “Is anyone else slammed w/ appts and clerical stuff?

  1. I get really anxious when I have to deal with that sort of thing. In fact I’ve been putting off calling a new office for that reason. I think even though it’s frustrating you’re dealing well.


    • Thanks for the comment. I wanted to get it behind me for the most part. My normal monthly load is Clozaril Blood lab, Psychiatrist, pain management and a few specialist. I don’t like it when there is more than one a week but It’s my life. I want to do a six month DBT class which is two more meetings a week for six months. Maybe I just better read the book, huh?

      lately a lot of dental. But then there are two neuros, a primary, an MRI, new endocrinologist and an out of town visit far away to another specialist. I’m just lucky I’m not in liver failutre from something like lithium.


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