Letter to Researcher of med related metabolic challenges

For those of you on meds that affect your metabolism, make you hungry and gain weight, science is addressing this. I’ve read a few studies and am following up with the researchers…studying the studies…so to speak. I’m doing a metabolic series for one of my mental health digital publishers and am digging around for new information. Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to one of the researchers of this med related phenomenon.tribal 013




Dear Dr. Tucker

I’m a person with bipolar disorder journeying towards type 2 diabetes because I must take Clozaril for Tardive Dyskinesia I’m under the impression that you did a study with Dr. Khalafian on metabolic changes related to atypical antipsychotics. I read it and wondered if there had been any follow-ups on possible future treatments either with BGP-15 or any other chemical compounds.

I lost the weight and kept it off through radical diet and lifestyle changes. I weight train regularly and get as many hours of cardio a week as there are days. I’m now on Metformin but my numbers are still on the rise.

I’m backed into a corner and wondered, as I’m a journalist (Bipolar Hope, NewLifeOutlook, NAMI etc.), there is any new information, especially as it relates to weight independent hyperglycemia.

I have that post prandial phenomenon where the simple act of eating, even if it’s healthy, balanced proportions of food groups makes me even more famished.

Many of the other writers hare having the same trouble. But you knew that. Looking for any followup information I can find I’m enclosing a self addressed, stamped postcard for you to jot down if you know of any more studies or progress made on this issue. If you’d be willing to converse via email or telephone, you can indicate this and just put it in the mail.

I’m doing a series on Bipolar Metabolism and am looking for anything I can to shine a ray of hope that medicine is making progress on this issue or continuing to study BGP-15.


Allison Strong bipolarbrainiacSFL@hotmail.com



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