Diabetes, Weight Gain re antipsychotics-holistic hope on the way.

Diabetes & Wt Gain re antipsychotics: Holistic Hope on Horizon

One of the problems I have with Tumblr is that it’s difficult to enter text and also to have title and text. I am trying to let people know I’m doing an intensive personal journey researching the effectiveness of at least nine holistic approaches to reversing or at least delaying progression to full blown diabetes.

This is why I’m on wordpress. I’m an investigative journalist, not content to just absorb the precious little information the doctors and drug companies reveal about medication’s side effects, how to prevent or treat them…etc and also, the little known holistic secrets, such as pancreas supporting chiropractic adjustments, Jerusalem artichokes, cinnamon, ….types of weight training, all sorts of stuff we can do to help our metabolism out while we wait for science to catch up with this epidemic.

And believe me, they are trying. But wouldn’t it be great if we could catch it at the gate holistically and not have to take one more medication and risk more side effects? You tell me!

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