Movie “Spotlight” causes worry re fate of investigative Journalism

There was an article that interviewed editors of many prominent newspapers about the fate of investigative journalism. Because print publications are converting into the more ‘now’ digital news, the instantly breaking kind of stuff, for a publication such as The Boston Globe or The New York Times to devote dollars for staff to conduct long-term investigative research into local issues or problems is up in the air. Though the article said that the New York Times is still dedicated to this public service, and a few others in the Midwest and Washington too, this public service: letting the public know about local crises covered up by corruption, abuse of power, the clout of churches, etc, is at risk.


As consumers, I think we need to keep supporting publications that provide that. That’s why I have a seven day a week print subscription to the New York Times and Read it every day. That’s where I hear the skinny on exactly WHY certain generic medication’s prices have risen by 4000%. How and Why that happened.

It’s happened to me. ali

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