New Movie Run Down


My Shortlist

The Big Short

Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and we can believe that Christian Bale got a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of an antisocial (some things are just too true) heavy metal lovin’ trader who bets on the failure of our financial system.

The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne and ‘it girl’ Alicia Vikander in the story about the first trans who had the sex change reassignment surgery.


Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara (dragon tattoo Mara sister)Hasn’t come out in South Florida yet. The topic is wearing thin but I’ll be seeing both this and The Danish Girl.

In the Heart of the Sea

You have to see this film to believe it. It hasn’t gotten much press but doesn’t need it.

Janis, Little Girl Lost

I’m sure you can imagine what this documentary is about. With Weiland now gone (Stone Temple Pilots’s former lead singer songwriter, dual diagnosed and dead from it), the whole ‘price of genius’ line is wearing thin.

Legend, already saw…it’s a must. I kept thinking “Quentin Tarantino” as the physical violence was funny, pornographic, with stylish blood lust. You have to love the delusion gangsters have that they are, in fact, legit ‘businessmen.’


Fassbender, Cotillard Maybe this time I’ll understand Shakespeareahab.


Turkish feature film about two sisters in rural Turkey…laughter and tears.

James White

Cynthia Nixon as a terminally ill woman with a substance abusing son trying to come to terms and cop.

Peggy Guggenheim Art Addict

Lisa Imordino Vreeland (is that a relative for former fashionista editor Diana Vreeland) directed this documentary about one of the greatest curators of our time. Her parties, the glitterati, etc.


Director David O. Russel (Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle) returns with A-listers Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro. What’s NOT to like?


I have been watching journalism films of later. As writers who read this blog you probably relate to the high price we pay when we are too invested in the urgency and public service qualities of a hard won, long investigated piece of ugly truth. “Kill The Messenger” is another good one to watch.


Absolutely wonderful. Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) is so versatile and his character, Dalton Trumbo, who won an academy award for best screen play for “Roman Holiday,” had written under a pseudonym and couldn’t accept his due.


Another great investigative journalism story. It’s hard not to cross the line when you believe in the truth.

New Cohen Bros movie…

It’s a farce with Scarlett Johansen playing some incarnation of swimming Goddess Esther Williams, George Clooney as a feckless actor who can’t remember his lines and gets kidnapped, Ralph Fiennes as an aesthete, self taught and self thought ‘auteur’ film director, and Brolins kid, the one who played George W. Bush.

7 thoughts on “New Movie Run Down

      • I have not seen that movie but I will check it out! And yeah I posted my journals from while I was inpatient. Didn’t actually have Internet access in there of course so I kept notes for later 😊


      • Betty, I loved those journals. I’ve been inpatient for my substance and psych quite a few times, had three accidental od’s, twice when we tried a new drug and it didn’t work and once when I was coming down from blow and took too many Halcions, which tells you how old I am. After the first president Bush collapsed in Japan from Halcion they took it off market.


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      • I’m so glad you enjoyed my journals and that they were relatable. Of course I wish that no one could relate because that would mean that no one has ever had to have those experiences. But I’m just so happy to have found this family of bloggers who can all relate and support each other.
        Much love, April


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