Movie Day, Again




I’m gonna go see the Ron Howard (“A Beautiful Mind=” Schizophrenia film?) Adaptation of Moby Dick, called In “The Heart of The Sea.”

A dilettante in  my youth I read Moby Dick’s 1200 page tome twice.

Melville was a devout Christian and all of his books, especially the Martyred “Billy Budd” (who actually died on a cross on a ship) are full of symbolism.

Lately there have been so many television and movie references to the character of “Captain Ahab” and “The White Whale,” you’d think our entire population is obsessed with hunting down their collective nemeses.

“The White Whale” is hipspeak for an unhealthy, unremitting obsession.
“Captain Ahab” is hipspeak for the person bent on vengeance, hunting down the leviathan who bit off his leg, leaving him an amputee.

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