Wicked City Canceled, so original, So Sad.



So ABC had a few weeks of bad ratings on one of the most original shows on Network TV, not that that’s saying much. It’s about a serial killer who is a literati, very into ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ and we actually like him as he prowls the Sunset Strip with His girlfriend, who is a nurse, someone who saves lives, only to fall desperately in love with a damaged soul who takes them. I thought it was good. ABC pulled the plug. Apparently you have to be Shonda Rhimes in order to float a half baked show on that Network.


When was the last time, other than “How to get away with Murder” and “House, MD,” that we were challenged to like a horrible human being? Maybe some streaming service like Crackle will pick them up. Erika Christensen and Jeremy Sisto were great.

we’ll see what they replace it with.

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