Finding The Right Medication Cocktail



I was semi lucky. We found out the hard way I’m allergic to Lithium so after that crisis I was put on Tegretol and Prozac, which worked for ten years. After that, the Prozac “Pooped Out,” (which is common and I’ve actually heard that term jokingly laughed about in clinical settings.) Then I freaked and thought I was out of options for treatment. I self medicated. I got psychotic. I got put on antipsychotics and struggled with binge eating, exercise bulimia, weight gain and self hatred. I took Ma Huang. I got Tardive Dyskinesia. Believe me, when I see the other people who are in and out of the hospital, I count my lucky stars that I don’t have kidney failure from twenty years of Lithium and that I’ve stayed out of the joint for fifteen years. But my medical costs are high and lots of doctor’s appointments and no one cares.

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