Have u ever been banned on a Chat room or bulletin board?

Maybe because I speak up for those who don’t have a voice, I kick up more dust than the average slug crawling around the internet but this was a big one. I ended up in tears. How did they get to me? How did this ‘Kelti’ get a bully pulpit into my life? I was confused. It must have happened like this:

I DID A Google search on new antidepressants, for mine had stopped working.  The first research result was an Advertisement a company that pays extra money to be at the very top of search results on Google. It looked good, it looked like it offered new ideas on medicine for bipolar, and I, ever the newbie, wandered in to a place I thought would be safe. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, they had strict rules they had not clearly posted. I must have broken one.

Two distressed people had just posted questions about TD.   “ I think I have Tardive Dyskinesia, I’m scared.  What should I do?”   or,  “I’m on three antipsychotics for ten years now, will I get Tardive Dyskinesia too?” I felt for them.  I Wanted to reassure and inform them on new treatments, symptom management, even the charities that help with expensive new drugs.  So I told the brief version of my trouble with TD, and its’ happy ending at a movement disorder center in Gainesville.

An Angry GL (group leader) named K jumped in, threatening to ‘Ban’ me from the group, accusing me of frightening her members, causing trouble and making them  upset and angry. She said I was breaking all of MD Junction’s rules about self- promotion. She said I was bashing antipsychotics, a drug that we all need and a type of drug I truly benefit from. I didn’t mention one single drug.  Anyway, I didn’t realize she was a dictator, never to be argued or reasoned with.  She told me to ‘change my posts’ or else. I never saw these rules. They R Not Prominently Displayed.This would have Helped.

This group leader, K, went on and on about how she had to stop taking Seroquel due to weight gain. What kind of message is that sending to females?  Isn’t that a sort of bashing of meds? Is she following these rules? I think not. I withdrew and watched from an distance and there was little or no traffic on their site.I wondered how business was.

Two other members of MD junction supported me publicly and said that I should be able to say what’s on my mind. I got several PM’s to return to the group because “spring is coming” and “things will be different now, you’ll see. Please come back. You have so much to offer. There was a suicidal guy posting and I suggested that he write and gave him two links of places looking for mental health bloggers.

I told him that I was writing for NAMI and IBPF and both places are always looking for new writers. THAT WAS IT. KELTI FLEW IN ON HER BROOM AND SAID, “YES ALLISON, I REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR PASSIVE- AGGRESSION VERY WELL. You are still promoting yourself and you’ve made no friends here. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN BANNED.

15 thoughts on “Have u ever been banned on a Chat room or bulletin board?

  1. Wow that’s some serious shit. Though if they have bipolar themselves you have to expect this kind of shit to happen periodically when they are off their meds or not taking them or they aren’t working. Except for the other night I never get involved in much like that. I stopped groups both online and in person. I feel WordPress is my place and I am still unhappy that I lost my control the other night.


  2. Well K is just a big bitch. But I get it, the need to be included and to be able to offer the knowledge that you have. You have a kind heart and are quite brave to have even considered returning to help that suicidal man by encouraging him to write. I started on an antipsychotic last Wednesday, Latuda, and I’m terrified of TD, so if you have any words of comforts, I’m all ears. My email is sandracharron1968@gmail.com


    • How did you hear of TD? The AMA, the doctors and drug companies have done a good job of concealing this common side effect. NAMI’s platitude is that the only cure is prevention. What do they mean by that? Heres what I know. Certain more sedating antipsychotics like Seroquel and clozaril are less linked to TD. If you go online and prowl around, you’ll see there are many class action suits against Geodon. Well, there were before Reglan, a gastrointestinal drug turned out to give it to senior citizens, tragically, in weeks of administration. So all the Geodon tort attorneys went to the ‘Rainmaker’ Reglan cases. More clear cut and easy to prove. I had been on Geo for a year and came down with TD and online the first six Google results were these lawsuits. I did not pursue because I had been on other atypical before and my case could not be proven. Not to be condescending, but if you research and look around, you can do the math and calculate your odds. There are some atypicals that are more linked to TD than others. Like Haldol for instance. Lower doses can prolong or prevent developing TD. The idea these days is to work with your doctor to find lowest dose. Did you read my posts and videos on tardive dyskinesia on IFPF’s web page “Tardive Dyskinesia Part I and 2” or my IBPF post “Move over Movement Disorder?” they have more information. Most people are easily treated with anticholinergics like Cogentin and Artane. Like 80% of people. They are ok, it’s just a bump in the road. I was on of the 20%. But the Nami statistics are way more horrifying. Google NAMI Tardive Dyskinesia. And inform your doctor you want to weigh the risks and benefits of atypicals with him and see about reducing your risk. Consider this for a minute: a more powerful mood stabilizer, Lithium, is great for 20 years, according to my doctor. That’s all he will say. But I recently read a NewYorkTimes Magazine article by bipolar author Jamie Lowe, who has been on Lithium for twenty years and is now facing kidney failure and dialysis. So all things considered, I have the two side effects of atypicals: I’m prediabetic (did you know about that one?) and I’m on Clozaril for Tardive Dyskinesia. I have to go for labwork once a month in order to get Clozaril. It’s a hassle. I’ve also lead a good life since my diagnosis 25 years ago.Yes, there have been horrible bipolar depression relapses and suicidal thinking with these health problem.s It took me three years to get TD under control. I went through hell. Doctors are mean, neurologist who specialize in movement disorders, like the Asian lady at Cleveland clinic, saw me shake, snapped my file shut and announced, “It’s Psychosomatic,” walking out of the room sweeping my feelings under the floor. Then there was the sexual harassment from the latin movement disorder specialist who disapproved of my use of benzos, another form of relieve, who spoke to my chest and in my medical report said “This is a ‘well built, well endowed 45-year-old woman who..bla bla” There were 15 doctors appointments that all resulted in heartbreak and needless neurological tests, xrays and mris. My hope is that by sharing my experiences and encouraging people to research the internet to find people who truly specialize in TD, are ok working with the mentally ill, that they will not experience the prolonged torture I did. I even went back to drinking at the end,in order to go to sleep at night.


      • I’m also wondering what your experience with Kelti was. What was her site again and I will go on under my husband’s name and write a post online to Roy. Let Roy know that we’re all on to her. Kelti, your reign of terror and error is OVER!


  3. Well I just got bashed for posting about my own mental state and using the word “bipolar” against the context people thought it should so I get it!

    I’ve also been perm banned from CNN multiple times… and also different forums as well! In my younger days of course lol.


    • OM,
      I admire that you have polarizing views and have drawn people to indulge in water cooler talk about you on your site. Hoohray! That’s what I did in radio, as I watched Howard Stern on the rise. I was a female version, not as sexually misogynistic, obviously, since I’m a woman. But I defrocked a lot of the status quo in Phoenix, Spokane, Salt Lake and LA at that time. So I get it. I got high ratings for speaking my mind. And the funny thing is that even if half your listeners hate you, they will still write in the Arbitron diary that they remember listening to you, not realizing they are helping you. So here’s my idea. Lets get a bunch of people to somehow unite against CNN and this WebMD (god I hope that’ts the right site, Mike took it off my computer) and let Roy know how much we don’t appreciate their obstruction of free speech. And could you elaborate on the CNN thing? What was it? A Website? Live news on the web? A soundoff email address? It would be so great if we could all unite and speak out against censorship of this nature. At WebMD, I was only trying to calm down suicidal and fearful people with real facts and personal experience. Sometimes my Tardive Dyskinesia is held against me.


    • I didn’t lead that brigade, but I am still sorry for my part in it. I try to keep my mouth zipped when I am in a manic state like that. My trying to lead it off of you probably made it worse. I suffered for that. One person was busy bashing me when I told her to stay out of it and let us work it out. They kept going so then I told them if I am such an inhuman monster please unfollow me. They did and 5 minutes later I got a request to follow and an apology to me for taking their aggravation out on me. Tthat was quite a mess, but it is over now I hope. Are theY still bashing you Jason? I hope now. Once I calmed down and read it in full I saw I took it out of context. Jason might hate this, but I cried for our WP friendship. I am very sensitive and I was in a crying mood at that time.


    • Someone, please contact Roy. I have been banned and cant’ get through. Seems she’s done this to many of us. It’s not fair. She called me ‘passive aggressive’ and said, “You’ve made no friends here,” when people were contacting me right and left, asking me to come back. Maybe we could do some sort of e-petition against Kelti at WebMD

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      • Hi Tigress,
        an earlier WP post was about my experience with Web MD (I think that’s who it was). There was a person terrified they’d get Tardive Dyskinesia. I happen to have it and know things about prevention, delaying it, and more importantly, experience gained from a terrible three year period of seeing movement disorder specialist neurologists who were sexist, (talked to my chest and put the words ‘well endowed’ in my medical record) labeling “I’ts psychosomatic”…I know many things that would spare someone the agony of what I went through. So I offered a few common sense ideas to calm her down. This woman called ‘Kelti’ came in and shamed me with long, angry posts, accused me of promoting myself and bashing medications and that this would not be tolerated. Then her posts, mainly whiny exhchanges about female concerns such as gaining weight or menopause causing her to quit her Seroquel. I never had mentioned a medicine by name, it’s not cool to do this. She was bashing Seroquel and harming people by telling them it makes people gain ungodly amounts of weight. It doesn’t do that for everyone and some people really need it!!! That med saved my life. But I stayed out of that conversation. More people posted about terrible depression, asking advice, any time I posted I mentioned the research I had done, attributing my opinions to the studies I’d read and talked mainly about pushing through difficult things, and shared with people who had general health concerns like I do. Kelti hated me. She kept threatening to ‘Ban’ me. She threatened to take down my posts. Then she said she was going to retire. I private messaged her and tried to make friends. Other members of this bulletin board privately beseeched me to come back, so after a six month break, I did. Kelti rode right in on her broom and said stuff like “Allison Strong, I remember you and your passive aggressive style well, you’ve made no friends here and if you post again, you’ll be banned.” I broke down in tears and My husband gently helped me to delete my profile and mark further email notifications from them as spam. That’s what happened. What I want to do is somehow generate a list of people to contact Roy (which many people told me I should do as it was clear I was being bullied). Roy owns the place. It’s been so long I’m not even sure it’s WebMD. She hated the fact that I mentioned I was a writer. I never mentioned my book or directed people to my articles. But I am a mental health advocate who has Tardive Dyskinesia and a prediabetic situation directly as a result of the Clozaril I take for Tardive Dyskinesia. Still, I feel lucky. Lithium is really hard on Kidneys, leaving some people in a tough spot after twenty years. And I plan to be around for at least another twenty years. You?

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      • I don’t mind if I’m around or not. There are times I want to be around and times I don’t but time (and God) will tell.

        It’s awful that this girl did that to you! I’ve been banned from a lot of sites mostly pop stars forums so no big loss. I’d be upset if it was somewhere I was going for support and she attacks you?? I hope you got a hold of Roy. It sounds to me like you would be a true blessing for the place!!


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