Self Publishing Woes

I’m writing a book. Who isn’t. I actually have five or six. Three in a series sort of YA bipolar disc jockey juggles illness, men, rapid cycling and alcohol on occasion. Father says to me the other day, “You need a Project. Find out how much it will cost, a-z to get your book published and I’ll write a check. I hadn’t expected such but XLibris was having a sale.

Based on what my friends have told me, 399.99 plus a plot/pace/content assessment is going to be too little and I’ll get hit up for more fees down the line and I told my consultant that I had been warned and asked her to really dig deep and tell me the price. She got argumentative and angry. It didn’t help matters at all that my foot got broken and hurt badly.

My last conversation with this person was that she felt insulted and when it came down to it, she though I’d need 25k to get a book out there, but she had politely refrained from throwing this in my face. Don’t you think that 399.00 plus 199.00 and the sum total of 25k are a little far off?  Where were all these fees coming from? Wasn’t she being unethical to ‘undersell me’ something for 600.00 that was going to end up costing our family 25k?  Then she got into this whole thing about how Authorhouse and Xlibris are very different (I had previously spoken to Authorhouse) and that’s why she chose Xlibris. I asked her about 12 questions about Print on Demand, and wondered why she had not brought up marketing guidance. You got me right, they provide no marketing or advertising for you for free, but for an additional fee, they can arrange to have your book reviewed and so forth.Big smile, shorthairclip

3 thoughts on “Self Publishing Woes

  1. Now, I’m thinking I won’t have to self publish after all. There is interest in my topics and the freelance writing and local and national volunteer work is connecting me with people. In this world, I believe you make your own luck. When I was a kid, I tried out for the volleyball team twice and got cut on the first round of cuts two years in a row. The third year,l after much practice and volleyball camps, I got on the team, and got a Volleyball Scholarship to Stanford. Then I played pro. So don’t tell me “NO,” because I won’t listen. I had similar experiences tryng to learn Pilates, jewelry, computer and social media skills. Don’t friggin say “no’ because I won’t go away. I’ll just dig in harder. And if you want to see the essay that got me into Stanford, I’ll put in on the blog for all the parents out there to see how a special skill and a well written college app essay can help get you in a place that’s nearly impossible to gain admission into.


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