Movies about what it means to be French.

I was doing movie listings and mini reviews, but had a huge flare up of back pain and had to cut back. I will pick it up again soon…like in a few days. The list is enormous because it’s the holidays. I try to weed the most obviously marketing action adventures out unless they have redeeming qualities.

The New York Times has now reviewed Amazon Prime’s “The Man in the High Castle” three times. It’s a ‘what if’ Holocaust tale about America in the early 60’s, after the Nazis and Japanese won WWII. The Japanese have the west coast and the Nazi’s New York. Times Square has swastikas on all the glaring neon lights. Amazon Prime has promotions where you get a credit card with a 50 buck credit and a reduced rate. All said, we spent a total of 20 bucks for our annual membership.

Netflix’s original series, based on a Marvel Comic book, “Jessica Jones” does not disappoint. The character is multidimensional and even though she has superpowers, her active alcoholism is her Achilles heel.

The New York Times paid homage to Paris Friday in their movie section by listing some French Movies that show what it means to be French.

They are:


“Days of Glory”

“A prophet”

“Of Gods and Men.”


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