I am of normal weight, life weights a few times a week (when I ‘m not in a critical low back pain flare…) um, I eat salads (really green ones) I eat Jerusalem Artichokes and take Cinnamon for blood sugar control, eat 85% raw food, no sugar exept for one glass of wine, which they say is good for diabetes…But because of my atypical antipsychotic (Clozaril..older and more side effect-laden but a miracle drug for my Tardive Dyskinesia) I’m prediabetic. I’m on Metformin and I’m walking down that road. I’m scared of the self care that diabetes requires. What if I fall back into a depression and have trouble making salads, going out to shop for the greens and chop them and crave sweets to escape my mood? What happens then? My years of bipolar illness and lack of good grooming and hygiene have nearly lost me all of my teeth. I’m fighting for quality of life. Then again, all those healthy habits I’m describing may leave me still alive and kicking at 85 years of age, inhabiting a painful brain and body that I’m fricing tired of living in! Even though Bipolar I, and having had times where I wanted to die (and sometimes self medicated with My Seroquel to escape it), I’m not particularly suicidal. I’m afraid I will botch it up and …then there is the Tardive Dyskinesia, which makes physicians inclined NOT to want to treat you. Then there is the Bipolar Disorder itself, tending to make doctors shy away. I once had a dermatologist tell me, when I was suffering with Shingles and Manic due to all the cortisone I was given, warn me not to ‘act up,’ or he would fire me. You wouldn’t believe the callousness of neurologists who supposedly specialize in movement disorders but that means MS, Parkinson’s, not someone who is mentally ill with side effects from psych meds. I’m already swimming in a Sea of Side Effects. As I age, I’m trying to minimize the damage. That’s why the Jerusalem artichokes, the Sencha Tea (eliminates the sugar cravings)…the cinnamon and the diet. Sometimes it feels impossible, truly. Great Article. But he’s preaching to the choir. I am scared.

All About Healthy Choices

ilustrasi-diabetesWhen people hear the word CANCER or LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE it creates significant fear and emotional duress. These diagnoses create fear and the belief that death is imminent. They incite ACTION.

When people hear the word DIABETES, they think of insulin. They shrug their shoulders at the serious dangers this disease produces. They believe that oral or injectable medications will provide the “SOLUTION” to live out a typically normal life without truly altering their lifestyle. This disease DOES NOT CAUSE FEAR! Why is that?

Is it because it has become viewed as a chronic condition rather than a LIFE THREATENING DISEASE like cancer? How can the 7th leading cause of death amounting to 4.9 million people (1 DEATH EVERY 7 SECONDS) be so INCORRECTLY assessed by our society? Is it possible that my colleagues have attempted to be good humanitarians and soften the blow of this dangerous disease…

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  1. Allison I just looked over your blog. You have no contact page. You have a choice of a contact page with your email or if you understand widgets you could add them to the side of near your search button. Shame we are closer. I could help you set up your page. I am not a great expert, but I am pretty good at it. Pages are easier to create. You go where you add new posts and it should have add new page depending on your blog’s theme.


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