I promised You Documentaries this week



Little Girl Blue…Janis Biopic

On Showtime right now: “Listen to Me Marlon.” Live Clips and interviews as well as film clips from the actor before he died. Said to be really good. Playing a lot. Record it ahead of time if you have that option.

Madam Phung’s Last Journey: True Cinema Verite about  transgender’s sheltering and protecting each other in Vietnam

Mia Madre (Italy) about female filmmaker

“Palio” Italy. About travel in Italy.

“Sembene” Political take on Sengales

“Taxi” Iranian film taken from car camera. This filmmaker has been banned since 2010.

“Song of Lahore” Pakistan. A traveling Pakistani troupe of musicians.

“Jacskson Heights” US  A part of Queens where 167 languages are spoken.’

“Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans.” Its about his obsession with race cars and the road it took him on.

“Ingrid Bergman, In her Own Words.” A documentary about the actress.

“In the Basement” What people do with their basements

“What our Fathers Did.” Another take on the Holocaust.


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