Movie: “The 33:” semi-underground release emotionally …groundbreaking!

Miners work in dangerious, death defying conditions. There is no OSHA in Latin American Countries. Some countries in South America have corruption and are influenced by big businesses such as mining. Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips, (Henry in “Longmire”),Tell me something I don’t already know.

The country knows the mine has a fissure, making it unstable. They send the men down anyway. When the mine collapses, the miners see that there aren’t enough food rations for the 33 of them and the ladders supposedly built for them to use to climb out of the mines in exactly this circumstance aren’t even finished. They are way too short to even get them out of the refuge. (their version of a ‘Panic Room,’ sort of)

Everyone scrambles to protect all the responsible parties, leaving the wives barricaded outside the mine by a chain link fence. Gabriel Byrne does a star turn as a government mining expert with experience in these matters. It takes them a while before they decide whether to silently give up on their miners or make the herculean effort to try to dig them out.

Gimmicky physical metaphors like 33 miners gathered ’round with their helmet’s spotlights all turned on, searching in darkness where hope may not live. The 8-second screen wipe of pitch black, leaving us waiting like they are. Casting villainous roles with well-known actors like Bob Gunton, who played the jail warden from “Shawshank Redemption.” Coming out of hiding was Chilean actor Cote De Pablo (Ziva David from NCIS) in a role that didn’t deserve her. Juliet Binoche, unrecognizable and layered playing a betrayed Latin American Wife, courageously waiting for the men to be saved….or else

Go see it. Thar’s Gold in That Thar Hills.

Remember this face?
Remember this face?

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