If you are on Gravatar: Please leave your email on Gravatar

I got two new follows today, one from the CEO of WildFilmsWriting another from Angellic33, and both of them are on Gravatar and do not have contact information. I must be missing something. I thought the point of social media was to connect. Please, if you want to be contacted, put your email on your Gravatar. Otherwise I can’t thank you for the follow.


Bipolar Brainiac

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5 thoughts on “If you are on Gravatar: Please leave your email on Gravatar

    • Hi There. Some people have it in really small letters in the middle longitude of the very left side of the Gravatar box. Thanks for staying on me regarding this. I want to make sure that my gravatar page, if possible, displays my email address, I’d hate to be hypocritical about this. It will cost me money and time with my computer guy, but that will have to be ok for now. I was at the Pain doc for four hours today. the good thing is two hours were spent with the top med assist, who has bipolar disorder, chronic pain, a family and an intelligent mind. She wanted some links to my vids and articles. I am honored. I had some paranoia about them not liking me since I’d had some problems. Repetitive phone calls in there. Thanks for trying to explain stuff to me. I still have questions about the Meet and Greet ‘threads’ …I do have “WordPress For Dummies” here on my counter but also have two stories due, one for the holidays that will have to refer to Paris, you know you can’t “NOT.”


      • Glad you appointment went well. I looked at a few avatars, even mine and can’t find an email. Maybe in the about you box. I am not sure how much of that shows up on an avatar. Maybe you could write it across your picture in the avatar? It takes more than my experience for this one. If you find out how let me know.

        Meet and Greets are done by anybody that wants to allow people to leave links to their blogs or special posts. Then you can go down the list and see if any of them appeal to you and you might find some new blogs to follow. If it says reblog links then they will visit your site and reblog it for everyone on their list to see. That is better in my opinion because people will get it in the reader or however you read your blogs.


      • Gotcha! That was really informative. I have to print it out read a few times and maybe get a little more help on the actual how to’s. OM has opened up a whole new world of stuff. I had it sooooo easy on Tumblr, really easy to build a young, self harm, Eating Disordered following there. Sort of like Instagram for the Institutionalized. I have 400 followers there. Seemed like a lot at the time. Thanks for taking the time. Keep on the lookout for my proposal of how we can wait out the waiting part with dignity, and project self regard we might not feel 24/7. I am, after all, bipolar with many co-occurrings and don’t always feel good about me. Did you know my name is actually “Biszantz?” My family won’t let me use that name in my ramblings. It (my mental illness) causes them grief. Oh, well. To get in print where we have submitted, I might have to use another name to avoid the TD related soapbox liabilities my vlogs and blog has caused. And on Tumblr? My TD stuff is all over the map in my 1000 posts. WP is so much more complicated but seems like that is where the real writers are.


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