Why are all the good things bad for you?

First all fats are bad for you, a decade later there’s an obesity epidemic and it’s carbs.No carbs. Then, it’s sugar, then after that, artificial sweetener. How can you win with junk science?


I hit the peak of a major depressive episode yesterday and felt like shit on a stick. Anyway, today I went to collect my pain medication for my back – I have disc degenerative disease, narrowing of the spinal column, arthritis and then some other things I have no idea what they are – so needless to say I am on a pretty strong painkiller (its an opiate) and now I feel absolutely wonderful, calm, at peace, not depressed at all! So its left me wondering, why are all the good things bad for us? Opiates, benzos, painkillers, sleeping tablets are all addictive. But I can’t help the feeling that the alternative is way worse, thoughts of suicide and deep dark horrible depression. Why not use a painkiller to feel better? You hear so many stories about a drug designed to aid in a certain illness and then turns out to be…

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