My Dark Side: Nirvana, Morrissey and Nine Inch Nails

As I drove to the gym yesterday listening to Sirius’s “Lithium,” Nirvana’s rarely heard “on a plain” was blasting in my car stereo. Sirius, expensive but worth it. Then came Nine Inch Nail’s “Head like a Hole,” which made me turn the radio up even louder. I was lucky to be able to play these songs on the radio, first because they were good, but I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and could really relate. Later when someone published that Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nail’s visionary) was dx with bipolar disorder and didn’t want to take medicine, I could really understand. That raw pain he expressed in his music, the rage and fury of betrayal in “Terrible Lie,” he probably didn’t want to lose that.

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