This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For



There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let's not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.
There is a link to the companion written Blog as well. And let’s not forget to thank Caring Voices Coalition who makes my life possible.

Today I was approved for a grant for expensive, Brand New, Tardive Dyskinesia Medicine. Whew!!! Then, my Video Blogs were posted on my publisher’s site, IBPF, International Bipolar Disorder Foundation.

Here is a link to part one. It’s a two part series on a very common, horrible side effect (Parkinson’s like it makes me understand Why Robin Williams pulled the plug. Involuntary thrashing tremors, etc-wait, I’m spoiling the fun. If you want to take a quick peak on a mental health advocacy Vlog and what it looks like to Vlog in general, here it is.  I’m so brand new at all this, let me know at least if they are live. This syndrome side effect of Atypical Antipsychotic drugs like Abilify, Geodon, Latuda, Saphris, Invega, many of whom market themselves as antidepressants or helpful for bipolar depression, meanwhile the public doesn’t realize that they are on such a heavy duty drug!! I really wanted to get the word out, because it happened to me and it’s really common. People don’t know.


Part 1:

Part 2:


4 thoughts on “This is the Day I’ve Been Waiting For

    • It’s not as bad as all that. I’m not allowed to mention drug names in the blog but 80% or more people are EASILY helped by Cogentin or Artane. I was one of the people who had to cast about looking for a combination that worked. If it were me, I would Find out if Abilify is a short term or long term solution. Then, I would work with my doctor to find the lowest therapeutic dose. The medicines have helped me a lot but there is a lot of talk these days about the fact that our doses are sometimes to high and to try to work with doc to lower might prevent, stall or minimize this risk!!!

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      • if you ever have questions about this topic you can reach me at I’m not good at reading my reader or penetrating thru Gravatar. In the past, psychiatrists, worried about TD, especially for their schizophrenic patients who for sure were going to take antipsychotics for the rest of their lives, would put them on Cogentin or Artane or Parsittan, all of the anticholinergic class to prevent it. They called it Prophylactic use. They found it didn’t work and only recently have stopped the practice. Sort of like wearing a condom of your are sterile. It doesn’t prevent anything. But many psychiatrists don’t know that yet. I am on so many meds for side effects ….it just proliferates. However it could be worse. I read an article about a promising 40 something writer who has kidney failure from 25 yrs of Lithium. Yikes!!!

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