Movies, new Notable indie foreign and documentary fare

Movies: New, notable and some unnoticed that SLIPPED BY us by and are on video or should be soon.

Ok, it’s October 30, 2015

My Friday New and notable, sometimes TV and mostly movies, including independent and foreign film.

“Our Brand is Chaos” Sandra Bullock as a campaign manager in Latin America trying to get a corrupt, high flying guy elected while the people there are starving. Also stars Billy Bob Thornton as her political campaign opponent.

Suffragette w/Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan (the name says it all)

Ash Vs Evil Dead Horror film

“Bare” one bored and broke girl meets the drug connection of the girls who strip at a local strip club and she soon takes to the pole.

‘Burnt’ former superstar chef has a druggie meltdown and is trying to re invent himself and his cooking career. The topic has been done and then some but it is supposed to be good. After all, Cooper did “The Elephant Man” on Broadway this year.

“The Armour of Light” a documentary, they say it’s balanced, about gun violence.

“Love” Argentine Movie about love told thru sexual escapades.

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