Cyberbully ‘Kelti’ on bipolar support bulletin board MD Junction

Maybe because I speak up for those who don’t have a voice, I kick up more dust than the average slug crawling around the internet but this was a big one. I ended up in tears. How did they get to me? How did this ‘Kelti’ get a bully pulpit into my life? I was confused. It must have happened like this:

I DID A Google search on new antidepressants, for mine had stopped working.  The first research result was an Advertisement a company that pays extra money to be at the very top of search results on Google. It looked good, it looked like it offered new ideas on medicine for bipolar, and I, ever the newbie, wandered in to a place I thought would be safe. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, they had strict rules they had not clearly posted. I must have broken one.

Two distressed people had just posted questions about TD.   “ I think I have Tardive Dyskinesia, I’m scared.  What should I do?”   or,  “I’m on three antipsychotics for ten years now, will I get Tardive Dyskinesia too?” I felt for them.  I Wanted to reassure and inform them on new treatments, symptom management, even the charities that help with expensive new drugs.  So I told the brief version of my trouble with TD, and its’ happy ending at a movement disorder center in Gainesville.

An Angry GL (group leader) named K jumped in, threatening to ‘Ban’ me from the group, accusing me of frightening her members, causing trouble and making them  upset and angry. She said I was breaking all of MD Junction’s rules about self- promotion. She said I was bashing antipsychotics, a drug that we all need and a type of drug I truly benefit from. I didn’t mention one single drug.  Anyway, I didn’t realize she was a dictator, never to be argued or reasoned with.  She told me to ‘change my posts’ or else. I never saw these rules. They R Not Prominently Displayed.This would have Helped.

This group leader, K, went on and on about how she had to stop taking Seroquel due to weight gain. What kind of message is that sending to females?  Isn’t that a sort of bashing of meds? Is she following these rules? I think not. I withdrew and watched from an distance and there was little or no traffic on their site.I wondered how business was.

Two other members of MD junction supported me publicly and said that I should be able to say what’s on my mind. I got several PM’s to return to the group because “spring is coming” and “things will be different now, you’ll see. Please come back. You have so much to offer. There was a suicidal guy posting and I suggested that he write and gave him two links of places looking for mental health bloggers.

I told him that I was writing for NAMI and IBPF and both places are always looking for new writers. THAT WAS IT. KELTI FLEW IN ON HER BROOM AND SAID, “YES ALLISON, I REMEMBER YOU AND YOUR PASSIVE- AGGRESSION VERY WELL. You are still promoting yourself and you’ve made no friends here. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN BANNED.

10 thoughts on “Cyberbully ‘Kelti’ on bipolar support bulletin board MD Junction

      • Her behavior will catch up to her,sadly – she needs to grow up and not be in a leadership position of any kind. Probably needs a major medication adjustment, I dare say. Again, I’m sorry she took out her untreated , sadistic sickness upon you! :(((


      • What happened was that at first she told me to cut it out and stop posting images, even though they had a prompt for that. I posted a shot of me wearing a pink cap. There were other members of the service who supported me and publicly on the forum said that Kelti was a bully and that I should call the owner. So I went away for six month. I returned at the request of those other members who contacted me and said they missed my voice. I reached out to her to try to understand her but man, the long ass public flame she dished out made us disconnect and stop receiving email notification. Some battles can’t be won.

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  1. some people are really out there with some of their reactions. i’ve seen it before, and i have no doubt i’ll see it again. it’s pretty sad that you had to deal with that, and that she had to go and do it as well. there’s really no reason for the bullying that goes on.

    but i have to say, it’s not just on that forum (i’ve seen that exact behaviour on a couple of sections of md junction from different people), but i’ve seen the same thing on other forms. and some of the major trans forums can get downright brutal to others if they don’t conform to the right kind of trans. it’s sad how closed some of these groups have gone.

    i hate it when i see it. because usually the people who are “enforcing” the rules are often blaming others for their own behaviour. it’s sad and a little pathetic. and it really only results in the people who are super new and need the help most are driven away by that, scared to even go there again. i’ve left too many places myself, never to go back.


    • Web MD is exactly the forum Kelti is on. She goes on and on about gaining weight as a side effect of Seroquel but when other people complain about Tardive Dyskinesia it is ‘forbidden.’ There were other members who kept asking me to go back on or To call Roy, but in the end we marked them as ‘Spam.’ Kelti was horrible She said I was ‘hard to understand.’ and it wasn’t really the conversations I was starting up, it was my supportive comments to other people When I said I was a writer she blew up. And I didn’t even mention where my blogs are. Thanks for standing up for me. I cried because I didn’t give up soon enough. Kelti was very hurtful.


      • oh gods, that whole hard to understand bullshit. more like you aren’t supporting their pity party and they don’t like that.

        control of a support group, that’s sort of how it goes with these things. which is really sad because then others are not getting help.

        but yeah, writers are always a bad thing when it comes to people like these. it means you’re not only trying to help yourself. but it also apparently means you might try to help them. or heaven forbid, you actually being nice and helpful ends up stealing all the attention away from them.


      • Yes Cyber Bully Kelti, the rules were not for her, only her loyal subjects. They later Banned Sunnybun and another member, who had supported me and my views. I was trying to insert some life in a bulletin board circling the drain. She chose to make an example of me.


  2. I am sorry she abused you. You are not the first nor sadly the last. She has tried to bully me for years. She gets a narcissistic thrill from hurting others and is not a believer in sharing the truth, only her warped opinion is allowed.


    • Hi, Michelle,
      I can’t even remember what bulletin board or chat room it was. We took my profile out of there and marked them as ‘spam,’ which we knew would get back to them. Did you ever run across Sunny Bunn? I’d love to go on their under a different name and email and give her shit that she would have to take down. Her reign really should end!


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