Is Bipolar Disorder a Fad or a trend diagnosis?

Big smile, shorthairclipThere was an article in Bipolar Hope suggesting that being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder was becoming a fad, a trend in pop culture. There were, in the article, several grouping, some who see it as a gift and others who see it as a curse. It suggested that not all cases are unpleasant and challenging. Boy, did that spark a lot of replies! I’m in between the two groups and have had careers during which my bipolar disorder (well managed with Tegretol, Prozac and Valium) for a decade, well, the breakthrough hypomania helped me as a writer and as a disc jockey. It’s still helping me as a writer! I’m hoping to find a tutur, teacher or coach to help me learn how to edit video footage for vlogs. But with ADHD and poor self esteem, I don’t learn very vase. I’ve also had periods of bipolar depression and mixed moods that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy I think bipolar is over diagnosed in people peeking their head out from underneath the heavy tarp of substance abuse, as if a bipolar diagnosis absolves them of having behaved badly on a number of occasions. I came to this conclusion after moving to Florida and going every day to AA for ten years and meeting people who were just getting off drugs.

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