Depression Survival Tips

One of my favorite survival tips for depression is great TV and movies. I go through Friday’s New York Times Entertainment section for a complete rundown of all new releases, foreign, indie, arthouse, documentaries whatever. Then they go on a list and every week, I go on Netflix and AmazonPrime and to the library in search of interesting titles. We saw a couple really good ones this weekend. If you want a my weekly circular about new movies, just let me know. It’s a great distraction from depression. This weekend we saw Benicio Del Toro in “Escobar, Paradise Lost.” A few Episodes of Clive Owen as a drug addicted surgeon in 1900 in “The Knick” and a  movie about Shep Gordon, who managed rock stars in the 70’s and 80’s and now. It’s been great fun.

One thought on “Depression Survival Tips

  1. My depression takes me to bed and doesn’t want to be relieved. I spent all day depressed and finally got up at dinner time and my dad and I went out for dinner and a talk and felt better after that.


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