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Allison’s Fall TV Lineup

Fall TV

Quantico Sept 27 ABC young, ethnically diverse FBI recruits (Sundays)

Rosewood (based on Movie) Fox 9-23

Rosewood Fox 9-23 Miami police detective with a pathologist (Wed)

Limitless based on movie about designer drug CBS sept 22 (Tue)

Empire Fox 9-23 (Wed)

Blindspot NBC 9-21 Crime drama (Mondays)

How to get away with Murder ABC 9-24 (Thursday)

2016 “Vinyl” directed by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorcese

PBS Sept 27 Indian Summer (TV Series.)

  • Indian Summers PBS 9-27 has to do with India under British Colonial Rule (Sunday)
    1. Blood and Oil is an upcoming American prime time television soap opera created by Josh Pate and Rodes Fishburne, set to air on ABC as a part of the 2015–16 television season on Sundays at 9pm as of September 27… More, 2015. Wikipedia (Sundays)

der colonial rule in early 1900s

Code Black 9-30 ERCode Black (TV Series 2015– ) – IMDb Wed


Internet Movie Database


Still of Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzmán in Code Black (2015) Still of Marcia Gay Harden, Luis Guzmán and Raza Jaffrey in Code Black (2015 Still of Marcia …

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The Affair 10-4 Sunday

Homeland Show 10-4 Sunday

The Widower pbs 10-4The Widower is a made for TV film, that was broadcast in three one-hour installments, on ITV in 2014. It portrays the crimes of real-life murderer Malcolm Webster. ITV described the show as: “The Widower tells how, over a 13-year period, a seemingly mild-mannered male nurse, Malcolm Webster, set about poisoning and murdering his first wife, attempting to do the same to his second wife and moving on to a further scheme to deceive his third fiancée.” [1] The series was written by Jeff Pope.[2]

Agent X Sharon Stone TNT Nove 8 action adventure

The Knick 10-16 Cinemax

Red Oaks Amazon 10-9 Drama (Stream)

Nov 17 Medical Drama Code Black

Blind Spot…someone who has forgotten their identity

House of Cards….When?

B CSI FINALE 2 hours with orig cast CBS 9-27


The Night Manager is an upcoming miniseries directed by Susanne Bier and starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki. The director, in my humble opinion, Suzanne Bier, is one of the greatest ever.

Am I working out too much? Trying to beat the system!

I want to be a healthy weight, flexible and strong. Go ahead and add in ‘toned.’ I obsess on a belly I’ll always have. So since I don’t like to work out every day, what I decided to do is turn my body into a rapid metabolizer all by its own so I don’t have to run off to the gym every day!!!!  So I do all this work and then the next day, I am worthless, too tired, have to cancel appointments. So now, I am cutting the weight lifting regime to once every three days, because there are things I love much more than lifting weights. But doing Cardio and reading the New York Times is a Big Pleasure. Especially when working on my movie and TV list.

Purpose of private Bipolar “Our Cycles Unite Us” page on FB

Here is the deal. I have a normal facebook feed. I’ve posted just enough stuff so that they know, if they are curious or concerned about themselves or someone else, they can contact me or my digital publishers who I also promote, because they know more than I do. Even after twenty five years. IBPF’s free downloadable book, “healthy living with bipolar disorder’ takes an unflinching, unmoralizing look at many aspects of the illnesses that drug company sponsored websites just plain ignore.

But there is new stuff on the horizon. The wave of increasing numbers of obese and overweight in our nation has partly to do with all the psych meds that affect our hunger, cravings and metabolism rates and I’m researching this subject so I can write an informed blog with links called “Meeting Metabolism slowdown Head on.” That will help people. There are advances in the medication of people with metabolic disorder or prediabetes conditions, the FDA just approved another drug last week. There is beginning to be a proactive movement to combat this problem. But I know some other stuff, some wholistic stuff that can help beyond ‘diet and exercise’ stuff that is really frustrating to many of us. So that’s one issue of research that is multi pronged because apparently the meds I’m referring to cause physical changes in our pancreas. But I want to research this more before I print it. I just wanted you to know that this page is going to be an extension of living healthy with bipolar but more current science than once a year.

Also there is the exploding field of genetics and individual protein enzymes, with which the info will help decide which medication the patient will be more likely to best metabolize, with least side effects and more able to get the benefit. This has been Mayo Clinic’s standard of Care since 2011, along the lines of ALL health problems, not just psych. So why don’t we have it. What’s been holding it up? I want to find out and bring the info to you. It just takes time and I need you to be patient.

Here is the link

: http://goo.gl/IYYYva

It’s actually easier to find by going on Facebook and typing: Bipolar Disorder: Our Cycles Unite us

WeGo: A new Ray of hope for Patient Activism

This is a response I sent to WEGO, who had a questionnaire for me to fill out regarding Tardive Dyskinesia. The letter came out of the blue but then again I am really public about my disorder so others can come out of the closet and find a speedy route to recovery. My path to symptom control was three years and fifteen fruitless doctor’s appointments.

am going to study your sites, missions, etc. I’m really interested in what you guys do at WEGO. When I first heard from you I thought that you worked for the drug companies. So sorry.

Dear Wego

I’d like to help level the playing field between the consumers, the drug companies and the doctors. This would be to help others make informed choices.  Sometimes it seems like there is an information war, and the professionals and Drug Companies are holding all the high cards.

I was never warned of metabolic side effects.  I’d like to put out my stories and my books so that other people can find a speedier, more precise route to treatment. Not all movement disorder specialists treat the mentally ill or tardive Dyskinesia, but are happy to see you, run lots of tests, do a complete workup and either tell you that it’s psychosomatic or hopeless. (or look at your chest constantly and write the medical record as you being ‘well built.’ Puuuleease.

Advocacy action from my friend Tessa

Tessa Shows us that we can make a difference!

Anyone wanting to help with BP awareness send an email to bravelybipolar@gmail.com and ask for the template to write a letter about yourself and once she has enough she will take them to Wash DC and talk to congress. That is the plan anyhow. Already wrote my letter and sent it to her by PDF. She says it is perfect. This is a way to help without going to congress yourself. She will take all the letters and do the talking.

Bipolar Disorder: Taking My Temperature

Having gone through a bunch of long and short depressive episodes, I got into a terribly self focused habit of waking up and immediately ‘taking my mood temperature’ to see what kind of day I’d have. Rather than think about what I want to get accomplished or who I’d like to lend a hand to, I think about myself. I mean, I think it’s helpful in a way, but it can also lead to spiraling downward, wasting time and diffusing focus on life itself.

I’ve had more than my share of depressions in the last three years. So I got in the habit of living in fear of the next one. But I’ve learned that it’s equally important to be aware of manias because they lead to depressions also.

I’ve also been identifying triggers and they are so many. So many, in fact, that life is a virtual landmine. How to I turn triggers inside out so I see the upside, the growth opportunity for them:?

Partial list:

Too many doctor’s appointments

a critical conversation with my dad that feels like judgement

Family not understanding bipolar or believing it’s a real disease

Weight Gain

Food itself

Not writing enough

Computer malfunctions and forgetting to save my work

Not enough exercise

Having learning difficulties on software programs

Clothes not fitting

Being too busy

Not reading enough

As you can see, if I take these and twist them around it would make for a lot of growth, self forgivement and acceptance. Hey, maybe I might be able to focus on others for a change!

I read your posts, here is mine, fellow bipolar disorder patients, R U REAL?

It helps a lot of your talk therapy treatment provider is authentic, if they posess an internal quality that I’d like to have. Once I had this real phoney. She was trying to position herself as a “Celebrity Eating Disorder Therapist.” She had been a former “Miss Vermont,” and a weathergirl..She had admitted to going to the gym to life cycle and spin for hours at a time, but no, no she didn’t have an eating disorder.

She was very inauthentic. It was clear she was going to get where she wanted to go. The Chanel Eyeglasses, the hidden Jumbo Black Signature Coach Tote, the BCBG clothes as she ran her own program out of a Medicare center. She talked about balance so much she made me sick. She was also a big thumper for “Mindfulness.”

She left that center and got a lot of plastic surgery. She had lip augmentation and it’s not flattering. She looks like Caitlyn Jenner in that department. She has Keratin applied to her curly hair so she can have that luxurious long straight hair look. She actually looked good with the curls. It was the one authentic thing about her! She had botox in her forehead and you can’t see any expressions in her face, just like all those 40 year old women in those Viagra Ads. They are clearly 40 or over but their faces are frozen. Most high ranking Hollywood Directors these days won’t work with women who have botox or breast implants. They want women to be real. I used to have money. A lot of money. I spent most of it on long term inpatient treatment. And because of that, for the most part, my life has not been a nightmare. Sure I’ve had depression relapses and they hurt. But when I came out of them, they were behind me. I just wondered if you ever came across people who were faking it so they could be a picture of what they thought they should be. This is a picture of me trying to look like what I thought an actor in a Burger King Commercial should look like. I worked hard and never realized it would have been so much easier if I just left myself alone.

Is Bipolar Disorder a Fad or a trend diagnosis?

Big smile, shorthairclipThere was an article in Bipolar Hope suggesting that being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder was becoming a fad, a trend in pop culture. There were, in the article, several grouping, some who see it as a gift and others who see it as a curse. It suggested that not all cases are unpleasant and challenging. Boy, did that spark a lot of replies! I’m in between the two groups and have had careers during which my bipolar disorder (well managed with Tegretol, Prozac and Valium) for a decade, well, the breakthrough hypomania helped me as a writer and as a disc jockey. It’s still helping me as a writer! I’m hoping to find a tutur, teacher or coach to help me learn how to edit video footage for vlogs. But with ADHD and poor self esteem, I don’t learn very vase. I’ve also had periods of bipolar depression and mixed moods that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy I think bipolar is over diagnosed in people peeking their head out from underneath the heavy tarp of substance abuse, as if a bipolar diagnosis absolves them of having behaved badly on a number of occasions. I came to this conclusion after moving to Florida and going every day to AA for ten years and meeting people who were just getting off drugs.

Rejection of personal mental health advocacy and volunteering for volunteer work

I have to tell you a nutty thing. I had a bunch of advocacy assignments and my husband was on vacation this week, so I got them all done early.
Then, I was under no pressure!!! I feel unwanted and valueless unless I am under pressure!!!  Not only that, but I submitted my video with two edits to the promotion ‘you’ve got this.’ Guess what? They decided to find one more thing wrong with my video. One must be prepared: When one puts themselves and their voice of hope and recovery out there for consumption, whether it be for a charitable foundation or a promotion between a drug company and a magazine supported by drug company money, not everyone’s voice will be welcomed. I have encountered more rejection than acceptance of my submitted stories and videos. And I have found out that I don’t have thick enough skin, still.

Depression Survival Tips

One of my favorite survival tips for depression is great TV and movies. I go through Friday’s New York Times Entertainment section for a complete rundown of all new releases, foreign, indie, arthouse, documentaries whatever. Then they go on a list and every week, I go on Netflix and AmazonPrime and to the library in search of interesting titles. We saw a couple really good ones this weekend. If you want a my weekly circular about new movies, just let me know. It’s a great distraction from depression. This weekend we saw Benicio Del Toro in “Escobar, Paradise Lost.” A few Episodes of Clive Owen as a drug addicted surgeon in 1900 in “The Knick” and a  movie about Shep Gordon, who managed rock stars in the 70’s and 80’s and now. It’s been great fun.