Advances in treatment for weight gain and metabolic syndrom related to antipsychotics

They are so focused on helping prevent metabolic syndrome related to antipsychotics that they are medicating us with diabetes drug Meformin and a new one called Victoza. They are rising up to meet the need.  Apparently both these meds suppress appetite. What is good about this is that they are not addictive (unless you are addictive to being skinny) by that, I mean mind altering like Belviq, Phentermine, diet pills, Vyvanse, etc.

It’s tough when you have to weigh the danger of clozaril or Seroquel (et al) diabetes risk against possibly destabilizing your mental health. Very tough. I read all this in Psychiatry times. They had links to a huge endocrinology department but I had to go to the gym to help speed up that lazy metabolism and read the new York Times. Fun Fun Fun till my Daddy takes my T-Bird away.

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