Tardive Dyskinesia Vlog Script…Help Me!!!

If you had volunteered to do a one minute vlog about your experience, trials and ultimate triumph with Tardive Dyskinesia, hit on some of the stigma and discrim due to ignorance and fear on the part of the doctors, and emphasize that there has been great strides made in treatment and even a little bit on prevention, who do you think your major audience would be? If you said the word Tardive Dyskinesia, which demographic would know exactly what that is, be concerned about getting it and tune in to my video to hear the mostly good news? I wonder. I’m trying to work it out. This charity’s largest group of clients and Facebook Clickers are women, from young to middle age. They are already probably pissed off about rapid weight gain with some of the new antipsychotics. And they probably don’t know it yet, but that leads to hyperinsulinism, metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2. And TD is in the cards for them too. What I want them to learn is that 80% are quickly treated with a medicine and are fine. The rest, well there are all kinds of new meds and med combinations so it’s not as bleak as it was when I got it. I want to spread hope, not fear.

One thought on “Tardive Dyskinesia Vlog Script…Help Me!!!

  1. I first heard of the word when my mother (now passed on) had Parkinson’s Disease and then I heard it mentioned as a side effect of Abilify years ago. But age doesn’t matter with anti-psychotics so I don’t know how you find the perfect age group of people. Men take it too.

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