The rejection of the video for the “You’ve got this” campaign. None of us should have been rejected.

Perhaps I overvalue the i mportance of my voice as a healthy survivor of this illness. I made this video for this “you’ve got this” campaign, Like most of the vids submitted, I never received a receipt or evaluation was just ignored. Finally got a hold of Healthline who claimed that my vid was great except in the title I mentioned the name of a sponsor and my blog at the end. With 25 years of living through this and a short upbeat video with a few edits of me chopping raw fruit, exercising, organizing my meds, going to my pharmacy and saying how important it is to have one who cares, as well as a good doctor and compliance, well, I think Healthline is just making excuses for not choosing to display it. Maybe because it had edits and a little music, it was too different than the rest if the sad, overlong video selfies with bad lighting and worse ambient noise. If they wanted to display our efforts, They could have easily cropped out the stuff, like the title, (which isn’t even part of the video,) had they wanted it. It’s interesting that when a campaign promoting self- value is created, we all get ignored  except the 12 they display, and we all said very personal stuff on our vids. They have the technology, they could have archived,line by line, all the acceptable vids they received and notified those who made errors or had conflicts of interest. I do want to do more than just write blogs…I have a lot of experience in public speaking and copywriting and am hungering to learn Utube movie making technology so I can have my own self reliant channel. Then I won’t depend on drug company magazines to display my value as a mental health advocate. Ouch. Remind me not so sign up for rejection again.

2 thoughts on “The rejection of the video for the “You’ve got this” campaign. None of us should have been rejected.

  1. I’m so sorry. I do hope you’re proud of yourself for even attempting to make a video in the first place. I’d never be able to do something like that, so I admire you for being so courageous. I freak out when I see a camera!! Very well done on your part. The heck with them. Maybe they just weren’t ready for your awesomeness. Don’t let this stop you!! Hugs! ❤


    • did you see it? I think it’s interesting I just wrote a blog about it…it wasn’t a promotion to help us, it was to make money!!! To expose a bunch of bipolar people to an ad for a ‘new treatment option.’ So why I take it so personally I don’t know!!! I’m going to crop the offensive ‘title’ (what else should I have titled it?) and the invitation to see my blog at the end and upload again. I know they won’t display it. I just know it. Think of all the thousands of people who probably fell for this ploy and got their hopes up too. I’m not the only one, I’m just the one making noise.


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