How do I figure out how many followers I have?

I’ve been thinking about organizing a book or a few. I have mucked it up with all these desktops and documents in the wrong place, I think.

But more importantly, last night I binged and I binged the other night too. Guess what I binged on? Cereal. Yeah, just cheerios. I ate so fast at 3am that the cereal gave me acid indigestion and kept me awake with a ton of pressure on my stomach.

I finally wrote the blog for IBPF on eating disorders. I’m not sure it will fly, but I was honest about the medicine. I’ve heard tell that there’s a medicine to simply ramp up your metabolism. There is a girl at my grocery store who takes it. And of course the pharmacies give her a hard time because it’s a class two narc. Abuse potential. Like Belviq.

The constant hunger and the binges are killing me. I have a food plan and I follow it for the most part, but the binges make me feel hopeless. I feel I’m on a rat wheel of destructive exercise and binging again. The stimulants were the sweetest reprieve I ever had. And now it’s over.

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