Totall recall


So now, I’m not on any of the Add meds, and I think the Wellbutrin is kicking in.  I’m  Not sure, but there are some physical symptoms that indicate that the new antidepressant meds are working a little.  This was more difficult than kicking cocaine was. Cocaine was a ten year habit and once it stopped, it stopped.  And I felt better. Of course I relapsed occasionally, but once I stopped seeing certain people who always had it, I didn’t crave it.

TatcomputerThis problem,I fear, might be permanent brain chemistry damage.  I might be making progress. I sure am doing enough visualization, meditation, regular exercise (that I no longer enjoy due to brain chemistry depletion) to be healthy. I eat cheerios almost all the time because all other food seems icky.

6 thoughts on “Totall recall

  1. Allison Cheerios is not a good food diet at all. Even I of the terrible diet know that. When I took Prozac, I couldn’t eat. I lost a ton of weight and the thought of food made me want to puke. You should talk that over with someone. It could be the Wellbutrin.That was another bad drug for me. Can you get some of those liquid shakes with vitamins down you? I am concerned for you. Please take care of yourself. ❤


  2. Hi there. I am taking the Atkins Diet Chocolate Shake drink. It’s just that Cheerios and rasberries and Walnuts and splenda and whole fat milk give me a good feeling and so little of anything else does.


  3. Sometimes you just eat what you can and go from there, you just have to ignore societies need for getting things done now.

    it’s not a race. it’s Just taken me so freaking long to get that into my head so i can settle in for the long haul.


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