Skype took over my Outlook, can’t check emails anyone else have this issue?

I can’t access my email. Every time I turn on my email, it get’s blocked by an entire page pop up for Skype. I’ve turned my computer off and rebooted. I’ve closed and reopened internet explorer 10 times and the advertisement just won’t go away. I wanted to communicate with my mother but I can’t. I had stuff I wanted to say.

I’m angry. The tech companies and their ads have taken over our time and our lives to push their products. I have my screen and I don’t want it changing on me. It helps me reach out to people and wake up in the morning. and now I can’t. Does anyone else have this problem today? It’s Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Skype took over my Outlook, can’t check emails anyone else have this issue?

  1. If you’re using the online outlook interface, then maybe you can try switching to a phone app or desktop app for your email. It changes the way ads are served to you and usually keeps them from running amok.

    But also, try a different browser. Ie tends to be a pain no matter what, and Firefox or chrome or a dozen others tend to just run better.


    • Sophia, hi, sorry took so long to get back to you. I’m tech challenged. Even Microsoft wrote back. Seems ‘continue’ would have gotten me out of the jam I was in but I mistook it for getting more involved with registering for Skype. How did you find me? Was it a hashtag or are you already following Rebel With a Cause: Mental Health? That’s my bag. thx again.


      • Gotta hate those prompts that are kind of just really vague on how to get out of them. I just try to avoid them to the best of my ability.

        Rebel with a cause I believe is where you showed up. A pleasure to meet you. I’ll check your blog out when I get back to a computer.

        Have a lovely weekend


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