Adderall/Vyvanse: Withdrawal Depression, Day #25

On Memorial Day I decided that Adderall’s Risk/Benefit ratio wasn’t paying off. I knew I’d have a rough couple of days and I did. The first four were miserable, both physically and mentally. I sweat so much I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve been depressed ever since. Depression is an odd thing. Anhedonia (the inability to feel pleasure) is even weirder.

But in my 25 years of being bipolar, I have a war chest full of coping strategies to make this syndrome a little more tolerable.

I’m going to do a ‘top ten’ list tomorrow. Today, despite the fact that I have a broken toe, I’m going take  a short walk and try to get sunshine in my eyes.  I broke my toe 12 weeks ago and haven’t been  able to exercise. I think exercise would help me get some traction on my mood. It will be interesting to see if I enjoy it.

From what I see on the internet, this withdrawal/depression syndrome can last as long as a year. I’m going to have to make the best of it!! And if I ever do recover, it will make a great chapter for a book.

I know that I have something to say on the business of bipolar disorder, but haven’t figured out just how to say it!

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2 thoughts on “Adderall/Vyvanse: Withdrawal Depression, Day #25

  1. I was misdiagnosed with ADHD before I was correctly diagnosed with Bipolar. I spent a year on Adderall and developed an addiction to it. It also skyrocketed me up into my first severe psychotic episode! Hopefully it hasn’t this effect on you!


    • hi. this came to an email address that is supposed forward to my main address. I’m tech learning challenged. I want to correspond with you a lot more…about this Adderall thing. I did get manic but not hospital-manic. Just elevated and grandiose. my main email that I’m always signed in to is my name is Allison and I’m still very depressed at 27 days after discontinuing Adderall and want to know what happened to you. There doesn’t seem to be any good news out there and my doc wants me to try another drug because I keep losing my credit cards, car keys, train of thought etc. I have both bipolar and ADHD, the meds usually calm me down but the benefits ran their course.


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