Swimming With Sharks, figuratively and metaphorically

Today the sun was out & the sandbar made it so to swim you had to go way out there to avoid the choppy break. The red flag was up. I approached lifeguard and he explained about the colony of Bullshark’s, (East Coast equiv of Great White) I pulled all my hair into a bathingcap and tried to get a good seal with my goggles over my eyes so that the water didn’t leak thru. I looked up at him and smiled. “Is it ok if you look the other way?” I got 2 hours out of it. All the sunshine I could take. It takes a lot more than a shark colony to frighten me. Depression on the way? For sure. The possibility that we are going to have to try a bunch of stuff before something kicks in and restores me to my former self? That puts terror in my very bones. But I’ve actually let go of that a liitle bit because it keeps me from living in today, doesn’t it?

Allison Strong's photo.
Allison Strong's photo.

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