Gravatar…I’m really confused

I was notified by my email that I had a new follower. I am new to WordPress so forgive me If I sound dumb. I wanted to see ‘what he was up to,’ so I clicked ‘reply’ and the only way in seemed to be through Gravatar. It was Grady P Brown, if I have it correctly. Am I seeing things?  Am I really locked out of corresponding with my new follower because I dont’ yet have Gravatar?  Gosh,  just got up to speed with WordPress (sort of) and now they are throwing this other thing at me. This is why I put off going on computers and dealing with social media.

I made a new password page today. I must have fifty passwords. Not only are all these sign ins and so forth time consuming, I am trying to write and don’t need the add on demands. Will someone please ‘unpack’ Gravatar for me? Does it mean you have to have the same image for all your social media accounts or what?  Sorry Grady, would have liked to send you a message or ask you a question, but right now you are beyond the gauntlet.

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12 thoughts on “Gravatar…I’m really confused

  1. Are you referring to going back into a wordpress person’s reply box and doing what I have here? There have been a few people (probably people who have free wordpress sites and are stuck sponsoring Gravatar) where I can’t even get into their site without signining up for Gravatar. Have you heard of Gravatar? They make it so that all our social media sites have the same image. I have five sites. I don’t want that! So do I just ignore them? Do you have any ideas on that?


  2. Usually when you get a new follower, if they have a blog, you get a list of 3 posts they have written and you click on one of them and you will go to their blog. Not all do and Gravatar is just a blurb on who you are and some have their posts on it and some don’t. I don’t know if Gravatar is mandatory or not, but I had a different picture on there then on my blog. Now it is the same all across the board including both blogs and facebook.


  3. Also not all people have a blog who read you. I know many of my friend just read through email. So I get their notice and they can reply and all, but you can’t reply to them. And they don’t have gravatars. You assign a silly picture or something to people with no gravatars so they show up with a little picture of something. Like mine are monsters so all who do not use pictures are a monster of some sort. It was all part of the set up of my blog.


    • If you get a new follower, there are either 3 posts you can click on to read or they are just a follower and there is no place for you to reply. Is that what you meant?


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