Taking advantage of misfortune (physical misfortune..my bipolar and depressed sisters)

I’m not sure how I did this, but I broke a bone in my foot. I didn’t realize it, and ran around town and made it worse. Now I’m looking at 12 weeks healing time, most spent ‘off’ my foot. Instead of making this a bad, negative thing, I’m using the inactivity as a launching point to really focus on my book, which I’ve decided is going to be three 75,000 word books. I have to write timelines to keep from repeating certain specifics, and am going back further in time.

I read in a book on literary agents that when they look at a query letter, they are looking to see if there is a career, a prolific person on the other side of the letter, someone who’s career can be managed. Since I have the material, and just have to organize it, why not make three pieces of fun fiction? It is a lot of work, but I have little else that I am able to do.

Another thing…I had this favorite podiatrist who brought darkness into my light. I looked him up this year and he’s gone. All three Florida offices (even a key west location) closed. I figured he just retired. He was always very speedy, sort of a hyperfocused ADHD type, really into his craft. Couldn’t find out a damn thing on him. I went to a podiatrist yesterday and asked him if he knew the good gone doc. Turns out it was suicide.  This really disturbs me. If I had known, I could have spoken to him. But he probably didn’t want anyone to know. This disturbs me more than most suicides, maybe because I didn’t expect it.

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