the trick to not drinking without AA

I relapsed when my antidepressants stopped working two weeks ago. I surrendered to the pain. I wanted out. I drank wine for about a week. I drank kind of heavily but it was fun.  Then, I stopped, the medications I had been switched to started to work and I don’t want to mess that up. There is a lot of nonsense in AA that antagonizes me. I let it.

So if I don’t have AA, then how do I stay sober?

I think the trick is…to have something in your life that you want more than a drink.  For example, what if I had to trade my freedom for unlimited wine? What if eventually I got locked up in a hospital or jail?  No thanks. I’ll keep my freedom for today. The wine calls to me, but it can only go downhill from here.


#mental health




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