Morrissey’s Muse died last week-Was Vivian Nicholson Bipolar?

Vivian Nicholson, the woman on the cover of the British single “Heaven Knows I’m miserable now” by the Smiths died last week. Notorious for being notorious, she was a worker in a licorice factory and her husband a coal miner living hand to mouth when they won the British equivalent of our ‘Lottery’ back in early 60’s.The money today was a full payout of 4.5 mil. Widowed within two years, she lived a very public, messy life, full of marriages and divorces, sordid affairs, and was even the subject of a London West End Musical. She was Tabloid fodder, persecuted by the press all the time.She battled alcoholism and had a personal motto of “Spend, Spend, Spend,” today we might look at those symptoms and wonder if she had bipolar disorder. I know for a fact with my recent depression and subsequent alcohol relapse that when I had a glass of wine, it was an instant uplift, like a shot in the arm. The only problem is, that I take many medications for bipolar disorder and other things, and my alcohol consumption is at least three glasses a night maybe four. It just depends when I fall asleep. She’ll sleep forever now. #bipolar disorder #amwriting #Hilary #Chipotle #Iran #promiscuity #overspending #mania #bipolar #Schizoaffective #OCD

#ADHD #Vyvanse #BMPEA

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